The first brick was laid in November of 1916, for what is now know as Williams African Methodist Episcopal Church. One community member by the name of John Parker felt that it was time for the African community to have it's own church, after being members of the white community Methodist Church for so long. After talking with other members of the African community who felt as he did,  Mr. Parker met with Arthur Tindley Sr., John Purnell, Eddie Purnell, Charlie Whaley, Ambrose Porter, and Isaac Briddell to discuss his idea. Together they set in motion a plan to build a church for the African community. Eddie Purnell sold the land cheap to the group to build this church. John Parker donated all of the timber, while Isaac Briddell hauled the timber to this current location. Henry Lockwood and Queen Tindley also were contributors. The church was rebuilt in 2001, and many of the founder's direct descendants continue to worship here today.  Williams A.M.E. Church has served the African community of Newark, Md. and surrounding communities for over 100 years. Today this church is presently under the guidance and leadership of Rev. Gary M. Stewart, along with his wife First Lady Arlette Stewart. 

   We the Officers and Members of Williams African Methodist Episcopal Church, thank God for a Spirit filled and lead Pastor for such a time as this.